Angel Names for Babies

Expecting a little angel soon and need her name to coordinate? That is a typical inclination – numerous parents search for grand characteristics in a name. Regardless of whether a family needs to express profound convictions, pass on a desire for her long-lasting happiness, or offer this new birth has profoundly uncommon importance, these ideal decisions are loaded with a powerful appeal. What’s more, is there any good reason why they shouldn’t? Angel names are ideal for the new little angel going to be conceived!
angel female names

Obviously, we couldn’t make this rundown without tending to one name specifically. It’s been a couple of years since Nevaeh, which spells “paradise” in reverse, surprised this nation, and we thought it was the ideal opportunity for registration. Does despite everything it hold the child name crown?

Despite the fact that Nevaeh is still in the best 50 names for young ladies (sitting among Alexis and Sarah), it’s backing off in fame since it hit a top in 2010. Infant Name Wizard has talked about how polarizing Nevaeh can be, however, whether cherished or abhorred, there are a lot of similarly rousing divine names. The incredible news is that these envelop an assortment of styles, so eager guardians will undoubtedly discover a couple of that lift them to another domain.
angel names

The accompanying rundown of angels is an assortment all in all. While not all are not recorded here numerous or most are. These are ordinarily thought to be “inviting angels” and some are even appealed to. Here is a connection to our rundown of fallen angels.

Abasdarhon – angel of the fifth hour of the night.

Abraxos – antiquated name credited to an angel.

Adnachiel – angel who rules November.

Adonael – an archangel.

Adonai – one of seven angels of the nearness, or elohim; maker.

Aeshma – Persian archangel.

Af – angel of light.

Agla – angel who spared Lot and his family.

Akriel – angel who helps those with barrenness.

Amitiel – angel of truth.

Amriel – angel of the long stretch of May.

Anael – angel impacting adoration, energy and sexuality.

Anapiel – angel whose name signifies “part of God.”

Anahel – angel who runs the third paradise.

Anpiel – angel who ensures flying creatures.

Ansiel – name of an angel known as “the constrainer.”

Arael – variety of Uriel; ruler over the individuals.

Araqiel – angel with territory over the earth.

Araton – one of seven decision angels over the regions of paradise.

Ariel – “lion of God;” angel of assurance.

Armisael – angel of the belly.

Asariel – “whom God has bound;” leads the moon.

Asroilu – watchman angel of the indescribable paradise.

Astanphaeus – one of the seven angels of the nearness; third door watchman.

Asteraoth – name of an angel who frustrates power.

Atrugiel – incredible sovereign of the unparalleled paradise.

Ayil – angel of the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Azbogah – name of the high positioning angel of judgment.

Azrael – archangel of death.

Azriel – name for the angel of annihilation.

Balthioul – angel with the ability to upset trouble.

Baradiel – angel of hail.

Barakiel – angel of lightning.

Barrattiel – angel of help.

Barbiel – angel of October.

Bariel – administering angel of the eleventh hour of the day.

Barman – angel of insight.

Barquiel – administering angel of the seventh hour of the day.

Baruchiel – angel with control over conflict.

Shower Kol – female angel of perfect prediction.

Bazazath – archangel of the subsequent paradise.

Bethor – one of seven decision angels of the area of paradise.

Briathos – name of an angel who impedes evil spirits.

Cahethal – seraphim angel over farming.

Camael – angel name that signifies “he who sees God;” boss angel of forces.

Cassiel – angel of Saturn.

Cerviel – angel leader of the territories.

Chamuel – archangel whose name signifies “he who looks for God.”

Chayyliel – angel whose name signifies “armed force;” an amazing angel.

Cochabiel – angel ruler who remains before God.

Dabriel – angel of the primary paradise who governs over Monday.

Dagiel – angel who has territory over fish.

Dalquiel – angel ruler of the third paradise.

Damabiath – angel of maritime development.

Dardariel – administering angel of the eleventh hour.

Diniel – angel who ensures newborn children.

Domiel – angel who protects the 6th corridor of the unparalleled paradise.

Dubbiel – gatekeeper angel of Persia; name signifies “bear-God.”

Duma – angel sovereign of dreams.

Dumah – angel of quiet.

Eae – angel who foils evil presences.

Eiael – angel with domain over the mysterious sciences.

Elyon – serving angel who brought the plague of hail upon Egypt.

Emmanuel – angel whose name signifies “God with us.”

Erathaol – one of seven incredible archon angels.

Eremiel – incredible angel who directs the Abyss and Hades.

Gabriel – archangel whose name signifies “man or legend of God.”

Gadriel – angel who administers the fifth paradise.

Galgaliel – ruler angel of the sun, similar to Raphael.

Galizur – extraordinary angel who administers the subsequent paradise.

Gamaliel – angel who takes the choose unto paradise.

Gazardiel – angel who regulates the east.

Geburatiel – angel sovereign who watches the unparalleled paradise.

Guriel – angel of the zodiac indication of Leo.

Gzrel – angel who disavows any underhanded pronouncement against another in paradise.

Hadraniel – angel who remains at the second entryway in paradise; “magnificence of God.”

Hadriel – gatekeeper angel of the doors of the east wind.

Hagith – one of the seven decision angels of the regions of paradise.

Halaliel – archangel known as “the ruler of karma.”

Hamaliel – angel who controls the request for ideals.

Hamon – an incredible, regarded, excellent ruler angel in paradise.

Haniel – an archangel who monitors the tree of life.

Harahel – angel who directs libraries.

Hasdiel – angel of benevolance.

Hasmal – fire talking angel of the royal position of God.

Hayliel – angel ruler in the indescribable paradise.

Haziel – angel whose name signifies the “vision of God.”

Heman – angel pioneer of the superb ensemble, whose name signifies “trust.”

Hermesiel – angel who drives one of the superb ensembles.

Hofniel – administering angel of the bene Elohim; name signifies “contender of God.”

Iaoel – an angel of the master; the angel of dreams.

Iaoth – archangel who has the capacity to upset evil presences.

Leo – an angel who upsets evil presences.

Iofiel – archangel whose name signifies the “magnificence of God.”

Israfil – Islamic angel whose name signifies “the consuming one.”

Jael – angel who protects the ark of the contract.

Jahoel – one of the angels of the nearness and head of the seraphim.

Joel – watchman angel who lives in the unparalleled paradise.

Jeduthun – angel whose name signifies “ace of wailing” or reciting to God.

Jefischa – administering angel of the fourth hour of the night.

Jehiel – archangel who runs the developments of the divine circles.

Jeremiel – archangel whose name signifies “leniency of God.”

Kabshiel – angel of beauty and support.

Kafziel – archangel who governs the planet Saturn.

Kakabel – angel who runs over stars and heavenly bodies.

Kalaziel – angel who has the ability to defeat devils of illness.

Karel – angel who has the ability to defeat devils.

Kemuel – archon angel and head of the seraphim.

Kerubiel – sovereign angel of the cherubim.

Kokabiel – sovereign angel of the stars.

Kutiel – angel of water and the utilization of plunging bars.

Label – angel whose name was changed to Raphael.

Lahabiel – angel who secures against abhorrent spirits.

Lamechial – angel who impedes trickiness.

Lassuarium – angel who controls the tenth hour of the night.

Layla – angel who directs and ensures labor.

Machidiel – angel overseeing the zodiac indication of Aries and the long stretch of March.

Marmaroth – angel who has the capacity to ruin destiny.

Mendrion – angel who leads the seventh hour of the night.

Metatron – probably the best archangel, second just to God.

Michael – extraordinary archangel whose name signifies “who is as God.”

Mihr – angel of heavenly benevolence; angel that oversees September.

Mini – angel summoned to incite love.

Metatron – an angel of the third paradise.

Morale – angel of amazement that rules the long stretches of August-September.

Moroni – carried messages to Joseph Smith, the originator of Mormonism.

Muriel – angel who manages the territories and the long stretch of June.

Naaririel – incredible sovereign angel of the unparalleled paradise.

Nahaliel – angel who administers running streams; “valley of God.”

Nanael – angel who administers technical disciplines, and theory.

Narcariel – the angel that rules the eighth hour of the night.

Nasargiel – a great angel with a lion head that rules damnation.

Nathanael – angel governing over concealed things, fire and retaliation.

Naya’il – angel of testing.

Nuriel – angel of hypnotizing power and of hail storms.

Och – one decision angel of the areas of paradise.

Omael – angel of science and species propagation.

Ophaniel – ruler angel over the ophanim.

Ophiel – one decision angel of the areas of paradise and Mercury.

Oriel – administering angel of the tenth hour of the day.

Orifiel – archangel over positions of royalty, and the second hour of the day.

Orphamiel – an angel is known as the “incredible finger of the Father.”

Osmadiel – administering angel of the eighth hour of the day.

Ouriel – archangel who directions devils.

Pamyel – administering angel of the ninth hour of the night.

Pathiel – angel whose name signifies “opener of God.”

Peliel – angel who manages the ethics.

Peniel – angel who rules Friday and dwells in the third paradise.

Pesagniyah – angel who ushers supplications of sadness to paradise.

Phaleg – one of the seven decision angels of the areas of paradise.

Phanuel – archangel who is a translator of disclosures.

Phounebiel – malady foiling angel.

Phul one of the seven decision angels of the areas of paradise.

Pravuil – an archangel who keeps every one of the records of paradise.

Pronoia – an archon angel who helped make humankind.

Purah – angel of distraction.

Puriel – angel whose name signifies “the fire of God;” angel of discipline.

Qaspiel – angel who leads the moon.

Gabriel – administering angel of the ninth hour of the day.

Rachel – ophanim angel who rules Venus and oversees sexuality.

Rachmiel – angel of leniency whose name likewise implies the equivalent.

Radueriel – angel who can make different angels and administers files.

Raguel – angel who looks out for the conduct of angels; “companion of God.”

Rahab – angel of death, demolition, yet in addition the ocean.

Rahatiel – angel sovereign of the groups of stars; name signifies “to run.”

Rahmiel – angel of leniency and love.

Ramiel – angel who administers dreams and spirits during the day of judgment.

Raphael – incredible archangel whose name signifies “the sparkling one who recuperates.”

Rathanael – angel of the third paradise and thwarter of evil spirits.

Raziel – angel boss over the positions of royalty, guarding the privileged insights of the universe.

Remiel – angel who drives spirits to judgment; name signifies “leniency of God.”

Rikbiel – angel who supervises the awesome chariot; head of wheels.

Rizoel – an angel with a capacity to impede evil spirits.

Rogziel – angel of a discipline whose name signifies “the fierceness of God.”

Ruman – angel who assesses underhanded men’s dee


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