25 Silly Ways To Be a More Playful Parent


At the point when I can’t generally leave my work or obligations on the spot, I set a kitchen clock for 10 minutes and work until the chime sounds and afterward leave it until some other time. (I utilize this fundamental kitchen clock.)

The sound of a ringer going off makes the children bounce up in energy and is a physical suggestion to stop what I’m doing and go play, be senseless and have a great time.

My children might not have any desire to play with me tomorrow or one week from now, or one month from now, yet for right now they do. I would prefer not to pass up on those chances to play with them when I don’t have a clue whether this could be the last time.

Stop What You’re Doing and…

  1. Get Ice Cream or a Special Treat
  2. Take a Walk Together
  3. Stimulate Your Kids
  4. Host a Dance Gathering – or far superior, a Glow in the Dark Dance Party
  5. Have a Handstand Contest – or simply do Handstands, Cartwheels and Headstands
  6. Take Silly Selfies
  7. Manufacture a Fort
  8. Play Dress Up
  9. Play Hide and Seek
  10. Do a New Art Project with Your Kids
  11. Have a Water Gun/Nerf Gun/Water Balloon Fight
  12. Pursue Your Kids Around the Yard or at a Park
  13. Give Your Kids A chance to paint Your Nails
  14. Stay outdoors in the Backyard
  15. Play in the Rain and Jump in Puddles
  16. Make a Snow Fort/Snowman/Have a Snowball Fight/Go Sledding
  17. Have a Picnic on the Living Room Floor
  18. Go the Pool
  19. Grapple with Your Kids
  20. Play Tag or Freeze Tag
  21. Shading with Sidewalk Chalk
  22. Play Catch Together
  23. Play with a Hula Hoop
  24. Put on Music and Dance While You Make Dinner
  25. Go on a Bike Ride
25 Fun Ways to Play With Kids

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